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Is a Barge Cruise in Your Future?

French Hotel Barge L'Impressionniste in Burgundy

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For any new bookings made up to April 30, 2021 for cruises in 2021 & 2022, you may reschedule your cruise at any time up to 30 days prior to departure if certain COVID-19 related government regulations will or are likely to prevent travel to the barge. Read more for details.

Come and explore the French canals or other European waterways aboard a quality, luxury, all inclusive, crewed boutique hotel barge. Visit our website to view barges in France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland / Belgium, Italy, Germany / Luxembourg. Contact Paradise Connections now to start planning your adventure.

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We hope you can take advantage of these special barging cruise dates. Read more

Experience France: Autumn Wine Harvest

For many visitors to France, a major draw is the country’s centuries-old legacy of winemaking, particularly during the wine harvest months. Our wine appreciation cruises travelling through such renowned regions as Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne and Alsace... Read more

How to Read and Understand a French Wine Label

The French Hotel Barge Athos who cruises along the Canal du Midi in southern France shares some insight on how to read and understand a French wine label... Read more.

FRANCE: The Tastes of Gascony

Gascony has some of the most delicious gastronomic traditions in France. Let the French Hotel Barge Rosa introduce you to the region’s food and wine in the most wonderful way... Read more

FRANCE: The Cuisine of Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a highlight of any French barge cruise that takes in the stunning, and often overlooked, regions of Alsace and Lorraine. Sitting at the crossroads of western and central Europe, this city is bursting with a rich and intricate history... Read more

RECIPES: 5-Seed Honey Bread from Shannon Princess

Olivia Gibbons, co-owner and chef of the popular Irish Hotel Barge Shannon Princess, shares one of her recipes with us: 5-Seed Honey Bread. Read more

RECIPES: Homemade Butter from Shannon Princess

Olivia Gibbons, co-owner and chef of the popular Irish Hotel Barge Shannon Princess, shares one of her most popular recipes: barge-made country butter. Olivia makes both cow and goat butters on board. Read more

French Hotel Barge Anjodi Rates Top Marks

"The service was impeccable, and they did everything to make the trip feel special notwithstanding what was going on in the the world. I would take another trip in the future and would recommend it to anyone who would like to wind down." Read more

Hotel Barging Makes the Perfect Post-Lockdown Escape

How better to enjoy the very best of a destination on a post-lockdown escape than in the comfort and seclusion of a private barge charter? We are seeing a huge interest for charter bookings in 2021 and 2022 for groups of friends and families in hopes of reconnecting and making up for lost time during lockdown. Read more

RECIPE: Mini Apple Tart Tatins

Chef Sylvain Moretto from luxury hotel barge, Enchanté, shares his popular recipe for mini apple tarte tatins – a twist on a French culinary classic. Read more

RECIPE: RECIPE: Autumn Jams - Elderberries and Blackberries

Here's another wonderful recipe from Olivia Gibbons of the Irish Hotel Barge Shannon Princess. This one is for autumn jams. Read more

FRANCE: The Canal de Garonne

The Canal de Garonne stretches over 120 miles and contains no less than 53 locks. It begins at its junction with the Canal du Midi in Toulouse, travelling west to Castets-en-Dorthe where it opens into the tidal Garonne River... Read more

Wine and Cheese: A Very French Pairing

On a hotel barge cruise, one of the wonderful ways you can experience the best of your cruising region is through the cuisine. Barge chefs and sommeliers are aficionados of the local produce...  Read more

FRANCE: The Niverais Canal

The Nivernais Canal in Burgundy is often described as France’s most beautiful canal. The Canal passes through western Burgundy, crossing the Yonne Valley and from time to time merging with the Yonne River itself... Read more

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